28 February 2013

The Least You Can Do...

You may see from my resume that my experience is heavy on the corporate side.  I've only worked with two defense contractors since moving to this area.  And with the combined four months that I've worked with these two organizations, I've learned a lot about the ways of working.  I hope to continue this work which I find to be exhilarating.

Working with people in dangerous locations is one thing, but the numbers are overwhelming.  This is high-impact HR.  It's hard to separate yourself from the work you are doing.  I feel at times (because the people I work with are in danger) that I too, in a strange way, are also deployed.

I cannot believe how life goes on with so many in harms way right now, fighting for our freedom.  It's so strange that people don't notice and go about their daily business.  The flags that have gone down after 911 haven't come up again - yet the people there deployed need us in mind and spirit.  The families they left behind, too, need us.  Need us to remember their sacrifice.  

If you ask me what you can do, I'll tell you.  Every time you have the opportunity to send a letter, do it.  Every time you hear someone busting the military, stop them.  Every chance you get, send flowers to the wife of someone whose husband is away.

Do this and pray for them, too.

That is all.

With loving regards,